Thank God for you…

As a co-worker asked me the other day if I closed that night –

“does the day end in ‘Y’? ”

Realized that – I go to work, I come home, I got to sleep, I get up go to work…  (no, there isn’t much in between watching tv, cooking, cleaning or laundry in between – I close – I work until 2 a.m. or so, and sleep all day until the next shift starts.

As I realized this…I began thinking about how much I HATE IT!  Never really seeing my family – I think Goose has grown 2 inches since I last had a chance to hold a conversation with him – and he is 18.  The Man? I usually get in so late  that I don’t want to wake him, so I sleep on the sofa.

Now, don’t get me wrong – my co-workers are AMAZING. I love working for them and with them.

I mentioned the promotion I got, right? Cool. I like it for the most part – still not sure why they think I can do this job, but to quote Joe Walsh “If you just act like you know what you are doing, everybody thinks that you do..”

During this time, I got to thinking – I HATE this. Go to work, come home, go to work…

Then it dawned on  me – I haven’t been doing this for that long, – this working because I need to thing – at least not since I have been married.

The Man – has been doing this FOREVER – for 22 years he gets up for work at 5 a.m., works 8-10 hour day, comes home, has dinner, goes to bed – and starts the same thing all over again the next day. Actually, more than 20 years – he was married to his practice wife ( what I call her, among other, not so nice names) for 10 years. So, for About 30 years he has done this. And has never complained. He does it to take care of me and our family.

I don’t think he knows – could ever really know – how thankful I am for him and all he does. EVER.

Not everyone is as blessed as I have been.

Thank you honey.

I love you.


A lot happens in 5 months..

It’s been that long? Wow.

So, in these five months, I have gotten a promotion. Goose has graduated high school – salutatorian at that! He has also signed on for the Air Force, hopefully leaving within the next month or so. We have acquired yet another dog, Ozzie the Aussie. (Shh…don’t tell The Man but I think I am at my limit for dogs right now. ) We have had another granddaughter, Annabelle arrive and The Dork has moved back home.

That’s all.


Us …

A friend was telling me the story of how her husband proposed to her. I was surprised as I don’t see him at all as the sappy romantic.

She then asked our story…

I have told this story so many times I think it sounds rehearsed.

We met at the doctors office. I saw him and knew that second I was going to marry him. 22 years later, here we are.

See? Doesn’t sound as magical as it was to me.


I met The Man in the doctor’s office waiting room. Odd, huh? Makes me believe in fate for sure. I saw him and knew, that minute – that second – I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. He was (is) ” tall, dark and handsome ” with a mustache that took up his whole face.

Then I noticed the ring. Ugh. No way could fate do this to me.

We started talking and decided to meet for lunch another day.

Damn fate. However, I had many guy friends and if anything, we could be friends.

We had lunch. Talked about life, got to know each other. Discovered we have an age difference. Twelve years, though eventually we realized that we average together to be maybe 6 years apart, as I was born a grown up …

He was married, yes, but there were issues. Uh – oh. I don’t want to be the other woman. ( I wasn’t, but that is his story). I asked him if he had a brother? He showed me a picture and oddly enough, appearance wise, his brother was more my “type”. At least, in the past.

So we became friends. I introduced him to The Dork and that child was a great judge of character. He loved him immediately. We would hang out, take Dork to Stone Mountain, the zoo and the best was The Renaissance Festival.

During this time, as he and his wife were having problems, he was staying with his parents. They weren’t exactly thrilled. Honestly, if I were standing on the outside of all this, as they were, I wouldn’t be happy with the situation either. He had been married for 10 years and wasn’t yet divorced. The rebound thing and all, too.

I have never been sure if they liked me. I just know that they were worried about their son and as a mother, that is something I certainly understand.

Through these few months, I came to realize that I loved him and there was no way I could live without him.

We had dinner one afternoon and it just happened.  He kissed me and that was it. Butterflies and all of that.

Once his divorce was final, we officially started dating – we were able to finally call it that.

Three months later, we moved to Arkansas together and got married a year after that.

We have had our ups and downs. Our marriage is not perfect, no one’s is.  I don’t think it is supposed to be easy, but 21 years later, here we are.

We have come a long way baby. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

(btw – His brother? He had just started dating someone at the time The Man and I met…they were married 2 weeks after us, and they are still together, too)