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Family Time..

Just isn’t what it used to be…

I am a waitress. Have been for, well, a very long time. 

A few days ago, a mom came in with her boys – about 10 or 11 years old. They ordered their drinks and she asked if we had a drink menu, she needed alcohol.

I could relate – I mean, I do have two children after all…

I looked at the boys and grinned –

“Ok guys – what did you do?”

Mom- Them? Not a thing – this is the best part of my day.

I was thrilled to hear that.  It has been such a long time since I have seen a family out to dinner really interacting with each other. It is a very rare sight.

People come in with their children, of all ages. They immediately set up a tablet with cartoons or something for the toddler to watch. The 6-year-old or so is given one to play games on and the tweens and teens are staring at their phones – Facebook, snapchat whatever it is these days.Then the adults pull out their phones. They stare at their phones or call someone and talk to anyone but their family. 

Aside from the pain in the ass this is for a server – 

“Hi, how are you guys doing today?”

((( crickets)))  

“Can I get you all something to drink?”


It’s crazy. 

When I was a mom to younger children, we all talked. We used the crayons and that activity sheet/ kids menu all restaurants seem to have. We begged the toddler not to throw his pacifier on the floor again. We laughed at the faces made by the 3-year-old when we gave him a lemon.

 Now? Parents don’t even realize that the kids menu is on that paper. The crayons don’t get opened. The paper ends up on the floor. The child throws his pacifier on the floor and no one notices. 

When did this happen? 

The DirectTv commercials…cell phone companies – they offer the ability to “take your tv with you” and show families camping ..sitting around a fire with their tablets and phones watching television. Why even bother going anywhere? Isn’t the point of going somewhere to do something different?

I have quit taking my phone into the restaurant when we go to dinner. There is nothing going on that I need to interrupt my family time for. There is no one I can not call back in 30 minutes when I am finished eating. 

I wish everyone would. I am tired of trying to talk to people who can’t look up from their phones… or talk mumble while looking down at their phone and expect me to hear them. 

This is the modern family –

I do realize that all families are not like this – I wish none of them were. 


Eenie Meenie Miney Moe…

It’s been a while…a lot has been going on…where to start?

First, if anyone from WordPress happens to read this – I HATE THE NEW FORMAT. Also – I have noticed all of a sudden all sorts of typos and spacing issues through past posts…I spell check EVERYTHING before I post it (I have grammar Nazi’s for friends – I even googled the title to be sure it was spelled correctly) My grammar might not always be the best – as I write the way I think – chaotic, but spacing, indention and such…

Wait – did anyone else see that squirrel?


Let’s start with the BIG news…The Dork is getting married! AND  —- they are having a BABY GIRL!

Next, actually, after the engagement, but before the baby, he took a job in Louisiana, however, he is now being transferred to Oklahoma

♫ O-o-o-klahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain… ♪

Damn squirrel! Leave me alone or I am going to sic the dogs on you!

What else?

OH! Speaking of dogs..

I have decided what I want to do when I grow up – I want to be a dog trainer.

Everyone chuckles at  this as if this is a joke. (and this kinda hurts the wee bit of feelings I have)

Yet, I am serious. I love dogs. In fact, the more people I meet, the more I love my dogs.

So, I began looking into schools, but they are all online. I am not sure I would do well with on- line classes (see above mentioned squirrel ) so, I kind of put it on the back burner.. until…

The Man and I were out to dinner – a date night! We had gone to a Japanese restaurant we enjoy, you know, the hibachi type where they cook in front of you?

After dinner, I began talking to a lady sitting with us – about – can you guess?

Our dogs!

I told her about wanting to become a trainer… one thing led to another and she gave me the name of a trainer she knew who occasionally takes ‘apprentices’.

A day or so later, I received an e-mail from Maggie (not Dorks’ Maggie) and after a few e-mails back and forth, we met and well… I am knee-deep in a school book from the college she went to and my second day of “on the job training” (we do that 1-2 times a week). I am so very excited!

Goose started school and as of this writing – has STRAIGHT A’s!!! Woo hoo! We are working on getting him into ROTC so he can head to college right after HS and go into the Air Force or Navy as an officer. It’s proving a bit difficult as he goes to a private school and the public schools don’t seem to want to cooperate with the law and let him into their program. Fight the man! I am good at that.

That’s all for now…update on mom another day – the dogs need to go out and there is (always) laundry to do.


There Goes My Life..

As I  went to insert the song into this post, I discovered that WordPress has gone up – WAY UP – in the price of their service that includes adding music to your posts. So, I am having to wiggle around it until I find a new host who does NOT charge an outrageous price – or find a CSS writing class and start my own.

ANY-who. That is the explanation for the odd link to the music today.

I don’t know if you have realized it or not, but I love music. Even more than music, country music. Even more than country music – Kenny Chesney!

But..that is not really the point here.

I have a song for everything! Really! Give me a day, a person, a thing, a place – I have a song for it. I dare you – I double dog dare you!  There is a comment section – do it!

Again, though, not the point…

My song for Justin – My Dork – is – surprise, surprise – a Kenny Chesney song, the one above,  “There Goes My Life”.

I have told the story before of how The Dork saved me… and well…about a month ago, not only did he ask his beautiful girlfriend Maggie May (not really her name) and her baby boy Axle Rose (only half is his real name) to marry him, but he took a job in Louisiana and well….


(This part of it, anyway… we still have Goose for 2 1/2 more years before the Air Force gets him…)