Random thoughts..

What on Earth is my dog EATING in her sleep?

How is it a cat knows not to ‘do her business’ on the carpet but dogs don’t? Maybe the dogs don’t care?

While shopping this past week – I thought to myself “Self..didn’t we already live through the 80’s?”

My mind is like a bad neighborhood..I try to never go there alone…

why is it assumed that men must put the seat down? what is wrong with women making sure it is down before they sit?

What do babies dream about?

What do dogs dream about?

Do fish sleep?

I believe video games were created by divorce lawyers.

I wonder why people who snore don’t wake themselves up, too?

Why can’t some people realize that the world won’t change just because they complain? How can anyone be happy complaining all the time?

I wonder if the world realizes how much better a place it would be if everyone did just one nice thing for someone else every day…without expecting anything in return.


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