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Spilled milk

Was checking out Scary Mommy  this morning and came across this:


While my mother when we were young did EVERYTHING for us – she was a perfectionist. She mopped the floors daily, there was never a speck of dust and the only time laundry built up was when we didn’t have a washer/dryer. As we got older, she began to work 2 jobs and needed to get her teens to help on a regular basis, not just as a punishment (and believe me – we learned from the older sister – she stayed in trouble and washed dishes every night – and no dishwasher – if mom found even a SPEC on them, she had to wash them all over again)

So, we did.

And then we had children. My sis and I went TOTALLY opposite directions – while she was the lazy one – she made sure her children did chores – they were washing dishes by 10. OH! Wait…NOW I get it!

I, on the other hand, spoiled my oldest (Dork) rotten (to the point that when he joined the Marines we all just knew he was going to stay raking rocks and digging holes his entire tour) – so, he never really learned to do anything – even putting away clothes.

I always figured that, if I allowed him to pour his own milk, and then he spilled it, not only would I have to pour it anyway, I would also have to clean up the mess. So I just poured it.

7 years later, I had my second son (Goose) – and I no longer cried over spilled milk. – Ok, not exactly true, it took me until he was 12 and I still do not make him do the amount of chores I think he should, but, I am ‘teaching’ him more than I taught the Dork. At 15 he can cut the grass, cook (and I didn’t learn how to do that until my husband and I moved in together- when I was 23), use the washer (the Marine didn’t even know HOW to use the washer until after he joined) ….

I did find it HYSTERICAL when after his 3rd year in, LCPL Dork came home, went into Goose’s bathroom – and brought him 409 and a scrub brush. Told him his bathroom was disgusting and he was going to go clean it immediately.

By the way…guess who is cleaning his bathroom today? I guess I haven’t learned as much as I thought….

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No Complaint Thursday…

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LCPL Dork had his wisdom teeth surgically extracted yesterday and did awesome! He has a great friend taking care of him. I am very thankful he has made such wonderful friends at his duty stations. He has been blessed. Oh, and I will be honest, I am still oddly thankful he is injured – no Syria for my Marine, I didn’t mind Iraq or Afghanistan…but Syria scares me!

Mom gained 5 pounds!

The laundry caught up and the house is clean.

The sun is shining!

Goose is doing awesome in school!!

What you got?


KIDS! Arrgghhh!

How is it my son(s) can remember every last detail of the zillion video games they play, but can not remember: how to spell zuchini, (laughing to myself- as I write this, spell check tells me I don’t know how, either – think I’ll leave it for comic value), to bring down his dirty clothes or put their dishes in the dishwasher? They have to come downstairs every day – bring the clothes.. The dishwasher is right under the counter where you just sat that plate – put it in the dishwasher! GOOBERS!

While I am ranting – I think instead of doing laundry, The Dork just buys new clothes when he runs out..and when he comes home on leave, brings all of the dirty ones for me to wash.

Does the Marine Corps not teach them how to pack a suitcase? They can pack a month of survival gear in a backpack but not how to fold a shirt? Oh crap. Just realized – that’s probably something his mom should have taught him, isn’t it? Bugger.

OH! And..and… and! He can remember to update his FACEBOOK page, but not to call his mother??