Bucket List…

Is this corny or what? Are you supposed to share your bucket list with others? Well, since I share just about everything with others..and there is that hippo-campus thing I worry about, well, I need it written somewhere..and if not here, then where? Why not here?

Maybe someone who reads this will want to join me..

Reese? Camille? Misty? Jennifer? Leigh Ann?

(update May 11, 2014)

I have a new #1 on the Bucket List:

1. I want to dress up and see the Rocky Horror Picture Show…

1. When I turn 40, I want to bungee jump. (I could be safe here as I am not sure I am ever going to turn 40..I have been celebrating my 25th birthday for 13 years now…)  I think Jennifer and Leigh Ann should do this with me! ( I am on the 16th anniversary of my 25th birthday…still waiting to turn 40…)

2. I wanna touch Kenny Chesney..so I guess sandbar seats to a show are a necessity at some point..those run $900 each…that’s a long shot I know…

3. Spend sunrise to sunset on a beach in South Florida..the Keys? …With someone making sure I have a drink in my hand when I need it.. ( I discovered watching “How I Met Your Mother”  this is called “The Kennedy Package”)

4.Go sailing, on a big sail boat

5. volunteer at “Dogtown”  (http://www.bestfriends.org/atthesanctuary/ ) This is something I always thought for some reason my sister in law Beth would love to do… I wanted Justin to do it with me, but I have a feeling the Corps won’t go for it… This one is very important to me…

6. Is go back to school something you put on a bucket list? Hmmm…Ok, maybe I should figure out what I wanna be when I grow up first..

7.  Learn to dance..

8. Finish the scrapbooks I have started and maybe add a few more..

9. Get the upstairs of my house clean?

10. get my husband to get a tattoo (just a little one honey… 🙂 )

11. Ride a mechanical bull

12. ride very fast on a motorcycle..on the back of course, cause I don’t want to learn to drive one myself…

13. Drive on the racetrack at least 125 mph….

14. learn to shoot a gun

(May 11, 2014 update)

15. (Though I guess this is 16 now) Own a doggie daycare (and maybe a kennel?) That way I can play with and take care of many dogs without The Man leaving…but for this I would need a lot of land to live on…

17. To train my doggies (one of them at least) in agility and be in the  Westminster Dog Show (the started an agility event this year – and muts can be in it- though they do not call them ‘muts’ they call them ‘All American Dogs’ – as if there are not muts in other countries…maybe it is because we, Americans, are all ‘muts’ – made up  of different  nationalities..)

18. Learn to work on cars – not just engines, but rebuild from the ground up…( I would hint, hint to my Uncle John or an old boyfriend Joe, but they don’t read this…) specifically – a 65 Mustang convertible… red with a white top and interior and fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror..

19. Learn how to dress classy as I get older like my mother – in – law.

20. Be as organized as my father-in-law. Holy cow – I have never seen anyone as organized as he is – EVER. I am impressed and jealous and wish someone would teach me!


One response to “Bucket List…

  1. I have absolutely no desire to bungee jump, but skydiving IS on my bucket list! 🙂

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