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Things that make you go…GRRRRRRR..

(as always, this is the way it is in the world in which I live…)

Between the racist basketball owners, who can technically say what they want – freedom of speech and all – let them be racists if they want – and I agree – ban these idiots from the NBA – but you can’t  force these idiots to sell their teams – capitalism and all. You know? The American dream type thing?…

The insanity of Oblowme Care..

Common Core turning our children gay…

We are still trying to figure out what happened in Benghazi (like we all don’t know at least the general gist of it)..

Then the VA Hospitals – unbelievable! Our soldiers deserve the absolute best we have to give them and there are people who have no problem allowing them to die for the all mighty dollar?

I am certain the world is going to hell in a bucket – at least our part of it..

Then there is the guy I heard about a day or two ago..

…from Texas…

“Teen faces life in prison over hash brownies”

(Not sure I have ever mentioned it – I am anti-pot, however, I think this is insane!! A pedophile doesn’t get this much time..I won’t go into why he has the possibility of this sentence, because it is not the point here…)


After I saw this, I started thinking…

It costs $10k a month – which is $120,000 for my mom to be in a skilled nursing facility, and I am having to jump through so many hoops I should go for the Olympics when we are done.

So I looked up how much it will cost to keep this man in prison, not necessarily his whole life, but per year. It is $17, 338. 

Six figures compared to five. The five being for people who have broken the law – stolen, beaten, abused, sold drugs, raped or killed people.


*The Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNiF)  generally take a residents entire social security check (well, in my mother’s case and most of the other residents of her facility) – they leave her with $35 of it a month, bringing me to the *phone – which they charge an extra $20 a month for – so, if they have to get their phone through the facility, the are actually left with $15 a month.

*The Day room with TV/Cable  and TV – the SNiF has TV in a Day Room where all of the residents can watch television together…and the nurses control the station..and the other day..these seniors were stuck watching Sponge Bob Square Pants.. Inmates also have a Day Room with a TV in it also controlled by someone in charge (instead of nurses, the guards).

While the residents of the SNiF do have televisions in their rooms, some inmates do as well, have small TV’s donated that they can have in their rooms.

Yes, rooms – as many are in dormitories, not cells. So they are even there, to an extent.

They all have access to medical care and dental care and church. 

So…here is my question? Why don’t I bring my mom some hash oil brownies, call the police, have her arrested and then the government will pay only $17,338 for something it already pays $120,000 for ….

Medicaid (AKA the government and tax payers) pay for the (very very ) large portion that mother’s Social Security does not.  Remember I said $10k a month? Her check is $953 a month..


(Inmate info is for FL Dept of Corrections)


Johnny Appleseed, PB&J and the KKK

As a class in the 3rd grade, our teacher had us say grace before lunch, nothing wrong with that, it was even a “kid friendly” prayer..

The Johnny Appleseed Blessing

Oh, the Lord is good to me,
And so I thank the Lord
For giving me the things I need
The sun, and the rain, and the apple seed.
The Lord is good to me.

I was pretty smart at that age  (yeah, yeah – I have no idea what happened..), and I knew that the Constitution said that I did not have to say a prayer in school if I didn’t want to, so, I didn’t. Had nothing to do with whether I wanted to pray or not, cause that part, I really didn’t mind. It was that I knew they couldn’t tell me I had to.

I have always been ‘proud’ of myself for being politically correct at such a young age. HA! Smart assed and a brat is what I was.

I bring this up, because after reading a couple of articles posted on Facebook last night – I have decided I hate PC people!!

The first —

This article, in case you don’t want to waste any brain cells on it, basically says that white paper can cause young children to become racists. Oh, and that witches hats should not be black..and fairies should be darker. 

So I say to anyone who questions why the KKK is, or white supremacists exist – if their parents had just used purple sheets instead of white sheets – they would harass and burn crosses on Barney’s front lawn instead…

Next up –


Now, I have read this one – twice – and still have no idea how a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is racist. I guess I am not smart enough for that one.

These people have way too much time on their hands. 

What if God was one of us…

click to play: One of Us

While on my way to the neighborhood grocery today, I was reminded of this song, by Joan Osborne in 1995..

I live in a fairly nice neighborhood.. I say fairly nice, but if I had come to visit this neighborhood growing up, I would have been in awe – the size of the houses, the pool and other amenities available..(what I know NOW is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the golf course)..

anyway – the reason the song came to mind ..

As I turned onto the main road of our neighborhood, I saw a man asleep under the tree across the street. He was thin,had a long beard and wasn’t exactly dressed for the Florida heat. Sitting next to him was a buggy (or grocery cart or whatever people call it where you live..we in the south call them buggies) with his stuff in it.

I am actually ashamed of myself, honestly, because my first thought was that I needed to find the non – emergency number for the police so they could do something about him. The last thing we need with property values falling and crime going up is a homeless person hanging out on the street.

Then I remembered – without all of the help my family received when I was younger – the churches who paid our bills, the family who let us live with them when my parents were out of work or for whatever reason couldn’t afford to pay the rent..that could have been us.

I feel ashamed of myself, because, the first thought that came to my mind when I saw this man, was not a prayer. It was that he needed to leave my sheltered area of domestic bliss – where things like homeless people didn’t exist.

I hadn’t thought about this man in years. We never knew his name. He lived – if you can call it that – in Forest Park, near the town where my sister and I grew up. He was always there, walking up and down Jonesboro Rd. He never asked for money. My sister and I would put food in his buggy when he wasn’t looking.

There was a day that my sister and I had stopped at Wendy’s for lunch. We were both single mom’s at the time, waiting tables and struggling. We had scraped enough change out of the car and our aprons to get something to eat on the way to work. As we were eating, we noticed the man, sitting and drinking a cup of coffee. Of course he had not showered or shaved in quite a while and his clothes were unkempt, but he wasn’t bothering a soul.

The manager came out and told the man that if he wasn’t going to order any food, that he had to leave. He was disturbing other customers.

The manager disturbed us. My sister and I looked at our food and I don’t know about her for sure, but I think she probably felt as sick as I did. The man got up and went back to his buggy and continued his walk, to where ever it was he went. To this day, at this second, I feel sick thinking about how cruel that seemed to me. I wonder often what happened to the man.

I didn’t notice the homeless man under the tree on my home from the grocery store ..but I have said a prayer for him – and the man who will forever be in my memory, reminding me that but for the grace of God…

..and what if God was one of us? Would he be happy with the way we treat others? Would he be happy to let me into his kingdom if I turned my back on someone just because they were poorer than me?