Justin’s continuing journey ..

July 10, 2014


It has been a while since I have told you about my Dork – now, as of July 1, he is CORPORAL Dork!

Also, though, he is being medically discharged. He ends his time as an active duty Marine the second week of August.

He injured his shoulder while stationed at Camp Pendleton and had surgery. The surgery was not successful, and as he was transferred to begin training to become an Embassy Guard, the Corps decided to put him on limited duty.

After his surgery, and showing no improvement in his shoulder, the decision to medically discharge him was made.

So, he will be, I suppose,  (anyone correct me, please..) a retired Marine?

We are so very proud of him and his accomplishment. Honestly, I think we are prouder of him than he is of himself. To him, I believe, it is “just a thing”…

Love you, Corporal Dork.

February 17, 2011

Justin is now stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. He is at his MOS school studying to be an electrician. (Not what he started out to ‘be’, but he says he is happier with this MOS..so if it works for him..)

He will be home this weekend for leave over the Presidents Day Weekend. Can’t wait to see him!

Justin’s address  as of January 19, 2011 ::

Pvt Allen Justin M

Marine Corps Engineer School


Camp Lejuene, NC 0028542

Countdown till graduation:


November 12, 2010 is graduation day…

This link will take you to info about Justin’s battalion (he is in GOLF CO.):


November 7,2010

Well, the letter we recieved with graduation information told us they would call if the date changed because they didn’t make it through the Crucible…

Guess who just called….

to tell us…

HE MADE IT!!! (We all knew he would!)

It was wonderful to hear his voice!

He only had a minute – exactly – but wanted me to tell everyone hello and that he can’t wait to see you all!

Ok..so, graduation is still the same..now I gotta go blow my nose.

November 4, 2010

The Crucible began today and while checking out the forecast for next week at the island, I notice the weather today. I do believe the Marine Corps. special ordered a day full of thunderstorms for this event.

November 3, 2010

The Crucible starts TOMORROW!!!

Please pray, cross your fingers, wish him luck..whatever it is you do.. for him to have the strength to make it through this final test. OORAH!

a better site to check out info for graduation: http://www.mcrdpi.usmc.mil/graduation/ceremony.asp this is from the package I received from Justin a few weeks ago.

faq’s: http://www.mcrdpi.usmc.mil/graduation/faq/ceremonies.asp

The Dork is asking for stamps again…if anyone wants to send some his way…could be the best way to get written back !! 😉

October 19, 2010

As the day approaches (to graduation day) there are somethings to keep in mind and know – please check out this web site (http://www.recruitparents.com/bootcamp/graduation-pi.aspif you are planning on attending. It gives general information on what to expect and if you follow some of the links, also gives info on passes, etc.

As soon as I get specifics, I will let everyone know.

October 4, 2010

Today I received Justin’s glasses in the mail and a note asking me to have them fixed and bring them to him on family day. As I opened them, I was on the phone with my sister. “What the hell happened to these glasses!???”  Melony – without missing a beat – “The Marine Corp happened to them!”

September 29,2010

Well, the gas room went OK. He said he panicked a bit at the beginning, but calmed down and it went fine. He is still a bit bummed, but sounds better.  He says his biggest problem now is that he is the smallest “kid” (he’ll always be a kid to me!) in his platoon and he can’t scream. Well, kiddo – for one – you aren’t supposed to scream. You are supposed to yell, I suppose. From the chest, not your throat. We explained this to him in our latest letter to him. I am sure his chorus teacher explained this, because you would sing in a similar way.Hmm..maybe I should contact her and get her to write him.

He is thrilled to be receiving letters from all of my friends!  Only 6 more weeks left!

OH! and they CAN have power bars again! SO, if anyone plans to send any packages any time soon..MetRx as high protein as you can find.

Thank you so much!


September 20, 2010

Got a letter today, and he let me know that today is the day that,  if I were a recruit, I would dread the most. Today is the gas room. I watched a video about  this – or tried to. I hope he makes it through this better than I would.

http://www.theusmarines.com/recruits-Get-a-Taste-of-Gas/ a link I found with info about the gas room if you are interested.

He is still having a rough time..but it is getting better..Justin doesn’t deal well with yelling..so, that is quite an adjustment for him. I think he thinks that is something that is unique to the Marine Corp. I feel safe in assuming they yell at you in the Army, Navy and Air Force, too. However, I don’t think that knowledge will change his feelings right now.

He hopes to just make it through the week. So far there have been a few recruites that have been sent back 18 days..I shudder to think of how that would affect him!

The word on the street – ha ha – stamps.

Stamps are on the most wanted list now.

Till next time …

September 16, 2010

I received another letter from Justin today. He has asked for more people to WRITE him! So, everyone, please! Help me keep his spirits up and write – take just a minute out of your day and write him a letter, send a card – tell him how your day is, how your summer was..Tell him that you miss him and can’t wait to see him in his snazzy new uniform!

Till the next time…



One response to “Justin’s continuing journey ..

  1. We are so proud of him! He looks so scared in the picture above, not to mention so young. Justin is so brave going against things that he fears the most (yellin,gas chamber). You Anna are also brave, I myself would be going postal, I haven’t learned to let go yet but often push Tyler to be more motivated.
    We miss you guys alot, send Justin’s address and we will for sure write to him.
    BTW your house is up for sale again 😦

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