About me…

This is me, Anna,on the left. On the right is my husband, Reese. We have been married for 17 years. We met in the doctors office. I knew the second that I saw him that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. Love at first sight and all…I don’t know what he thought of me..if you ever want to ask him though, feel free to let me know what he says!

I have 2 boys- Justin (Dork) who is the oldest, who as of this update, is a LCPL in the USMC and Little Reese (Goose) – who will be 40 years old and 6’7 and will still be called “Little Reese”. Growing up, whenever I thought about having kids, I just knew I was going to have girls- twins. Both with blonde hair that I could curl and put in pink ribbons. We would sit at the little table in the playroom and have tea parties with their dollies.
Man! I am so glad that God is smarter than me! Not just that he did not give me twins- only people with special patience can do that and I do not have that kind of patience. But also that he was smart enough to know that I could not handle GIRLS!! Boys do not whine about their girlfriends!  I do not have to buy make up, heels, prom dresses or tampons. Just lots of band-aids and tennis shoes.

My sis and I are proof that God has a sense of humor – she was a tomboy – loved to play outdoors and stayed dirty – God gave her girls – and finally an awesome son (after a good long laugh, I am sure). I was a girlie girl – you had to lock me outside to get me to play outside – and he gave me boys. Wouldn’t have it any other way.




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