LCPL Dork..

November 6, 2011

Did you notice the page name changed? That is because Justin was promoted a couple of weeks ago to Lance Corporal!

August 7, 2011

OK – Dork’s address – his mail goes to a friends house..

214 Centeno Ct


Oceanside, CA 92058

I know his birthday just passed and I am a wee but late getting his address out…I have no idea what he wants, so as with any teen – cash is always good.

He started college this week .. 🙂

June 2011…

AHHHHHH!   I hope no one sent anything yet! That will be the address in Afghanistan!! BUT NOT RIGHT NOW!!!!

Dork will get me his address SOON…he better.

Justin is now at his permanent duty station in San Diego, California.

Many have asked to let them know if he needs anything. He hasn’t asked for anything, but gift cards for restaurants I think would be helpful right now. Fast food, Taco Bell is his favorite.  As he is settling in, he is finally able to leave the base now. I can’t imagine why, but he doesn’t call as often now – grrrrrrr.

He is at Camp Pendelton.


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