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Why are we being punished?

As the sequestration of federal workers begins in a week, I still don’t entirely understand the reason for it (but I am learning) I asked The Man (because he truly is smarter than me concerning things like this – but shhhh – don’t dare tell him I said so!)

“Why are they doing this?”

Basically, to punish the government for not getting the budget done in time, finding where to cut  $1.2 trillion


“So how does this punish the government? ”

They have one less day a week to get work done…


“So, how does this punish the government? ”

Things will take longer to get done because they will only have 4 days to do things instead of 5.


So how does this punish the government? Are they also taking pay cuts? Nope.

So, how does this punish the government?

The only people I see being punished are the federal employees who are taking pay cuts. They would rather work their 5 days and keep their pay than have an extra day off – Why don’t we threaten to cut CONGRESS’s pay if they don’t – basically – do their jobs!!!??? Wouldn’t THAT make more sense?

Hell, if employees don’t do their jobs, our boss doesn’t get a pay cut and an extra day off a week…WE get FIRED.

Has anyone ever considered, maybe, firing congress?


The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow… ??

Yeah, right!

I live in the SUNSHINE STATE! Really.  Look –

SO where the hell is the SUN??????

We are at 4 inches of rain above normal, and the summer is expected to be rainier and cooler than normal! OMG! I left Washington State to get away from this! I want my 100 degrees back!!!

I was thinking maybe we should try Houston next – until a friend posted on facecrack the other day that his flight was delayed there because they were expecting SNOW!!! In HOUSTON???

Ok, Mr. Gore…where is this global warming you speak of? I think you are an idiot. But I am grateful you invented the internet.( jk. You guys know that right? I know that it wasn’t Al Gore who invented the internet..the government conspired with aliens and  invented it to keep track of all of us and what we read and do and make us zombies addicted to Facebook and blogs like Scary Mommy and Wait in the Van…so that we wouldn’t notice when the aliens come to take over the planet )

That’s a bad word!

As the insomnia continues, with a little encouragement from my husband snoring, the dog barking (thank you Dixie Dog for letting us know the armadillo is back, or the wind is blowing..or whatever you feel the need to bark about at 1 a.m.)  and the teens who say they are “just visiting” (Really, I think they are trying to move in..but I love my niece and Goose is enjoying them being here  and they are helping by taking mom wherever she needs to go…)..wait – what was I talking about again?

Oh, right. As the insomnia rages on, I was catching up on some of the blogs I follow. One caught my eye –  from  “If you can’t say something nice ” ( – the post is A Word is a Word is a Word… telling of the words her children are not allowed to use in school.

Sure, we know they can’t swear in school – and they are 9 and 5 – how many swear words can a 9 and 5 year old really know? Wait – don’t answer that – Goose knew at 3 that the “f -word” was the biggest no no of all. I digress.

The word they aren’t allowed to say? Stupid. Ok, no, it’s not a nice word. But gee whiz! How else are we to differentiate the smart kids from the dumb kids and the nerds from the popular kids? I was called stupid and well, I am no worse for wear. I didn’t go all Columbine on the 1st graders who teased me. Kids are cruel and mean and that makes us stronger for the real world – and breaks the hearts of the parents of the teased child…hey, maybe banning stupid isn’t such a bad idea…

Any-who, that brought me to this memory..

While we were  living in Washington state, 2nd graders were bringing in music – I don’t remember exactly why, but that’s not the point – my Goose wanted to play Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” ..umm..No?

Why? Was it for the beer references? No. The damn bit of sacrifice that a cheeseburger is worth? Nope, not that either.

He couldn’t bring the song because it had the word – ready? GOD in it.

What is our world coming to when GOD is the reason you can’t sing a song in school – not the swear word smack in the middle?

I loved it though, at the last chorus/band concert we went to at the high school Dork attended, they sang “Amazing Grace”. I guess the teacher was sticking it to the man – in honor of THE man!