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Family Time..

Just isn’t what it used to be…

I am a waitress. Have been for, well, a very long time. 

A few days ago, a mom came in with her boys – about 10 or 11 years old. They ordered their drinks and she asked if we had a drink menu, she needed alcohol.

I could relate – I mean, I do have two children after all…

I looked at the boys and grinned –

“Ok guys – what did you do?”

Mom- Them? Not a thing – this is the best part of my day.

I was thrilled to hear that.  It has been such a long time since I have seen a family out to dinner really interacting with each other. It is a very rare sight.

People come in with their children, of all ages. They immediately set up a tablet with cartoons or something for the toddler to watch. The 6-year-old or so is given one to play games on and the tweens and teens are staring at their phones – Facebook, snapchat whatever it is these days.Then the adults pull out their phones. They stare at their phones or call someone and talk to anyone but their family. 

Aside from the pain in the ass this is for a server – 

“Hi, how are you guys doing today?”

((( crickets)))  

“Can I get you all something to drink?”


It’s crazy. 

When I was a mom to younger children, we all talked. We used the crayons and that activity sheet/ kids menu all restaurants seem to have. We begged the toddler not to throw his pacifier on the floor again. We laughed at the faces made by the 3-year-old when we gave him a lemon.

 Now? Parents don’t even realize that the kids menu is on that paper. The crayons don’t get opened. The paper ends up on the floor. The child throws his pacifier on the floor and no one notices. 

When did this happen? 

The DirectTv commercials…cell phone companies – they offer the ability to “take your tv with you” and show families camping ..sitting around a fire with their tablets and phones watching television. Why even bother going anywhere? Isn’t the point of going somewhere to do something different?

I have quit taking my phone into the restaurant when we go to dinner. There is nothing going on that I need to interrupt my family time for. There is no one I can not call back in 30 minutes when I am finished eating. 

I wish everyone would. I am tired of trying to talk to people who can’t look up from their phones… or talk mumble while looking down at their phone and expect me to hear them. 

This is the modern family –

I do realize that all families are not like this – I wish none of them were. 


We Wish You a Merry Christmas…

and a Very Happy New Year..may it be better than the last..

Every year, I begin the season determined that I am going to get the Christmas cards out. This year, I did – they are out – of their boxes, on the coffee table in the family room. They have been here for three weeks. I got all of my addresses from my peeps, had every intention of getting them out – even have 2 sealed and ready to go – to The Swanson family and the Lauthane’s.  Of course, they are sealed and on the table. I am a professional procrastinator.

Next year – I am going to pre-order and then send them – maybe – October..in the mean time…

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family. God Bless..

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow… ??

Yeah, right!

I live in the SUNSHINE STATE! Really.  Look –

SO where the hell is the SUN??????

We are at 4 inches of rain above normal, and the summer is expected to be rainier and cooler than normal! OMG! I left Washington State to get away from this! I want my 100 degrees back!!!

I was thinking maybe we should try Houston next – until a friend posted on facecrack the other day that his flight was delayed there because they were expecting SNOW!!! In HOUSTON???

Ok, Mr. Gore…where is this global warming you speak of? I think you are an idiot. But I am grateful you invented the internet.( jk. You guys know that right? I know that it wasn’t Al Gore who invented the internet..the government conspired with aliens and  invented it to keep track of all of us and what we read and do and make us zombies addicted to Facebook and blogs like Scary Mommy and Wait in the Van…so that we wouldn’t notice when the aliens come to take over the planet )