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Family Time..

Just isn’t what it used to be…

I am a waitress. Have been for, well, a very long time. 

A few days ago, a mom came in with her boys – about 10 or 11 years old. They ordered their drinks and she asked if we had a drink menu, she needed alcohol.

I could relate – I mean, I do have two children after all…

I looked at the boys and grinned –

“Ok guys – what did you do?”

Mom- Them? Not a thing – this is the best part of my day.

I was thrilled to hear that.  It has been such a long time since I have seen a family out to dinner really interacting with each other. It is a very rare sight.

People come in with their children, of all ages. They immediately set up a tablet with cartoons or something for the toddler to watch. The 6-year-old or so is given one to play games on and the tweens and teens are staring at their phones – Facebook, snapchat whatever it is these days.Then the adults pull out their phones. They stare at their phones or call someone and talk to anyone but their family. 

Aside from the pain in the ass this is for a server – 

“Hi, how are you guys doing today?”

((( crickets)))  

“Can I get you all something to drink?”


It’s crazy. 

When I was a mom to younger children, we all talked. We used the crayons and that activity sheet/ kids menu all restaurants seem to have. We begged the toddler not to throw his pacifier on the floor again. We laughed at the faces made by the 3-year-old when we gave him a lemon.

 Now? Parents don’t even realize that the kids menu is on that paper. The crayons don’t get opened. The paper ends up on the floor. The child throws his pacifier on the floor and no one notices. 

When did this happen? 

The DirectTv commercials…cell phone companies – they offer the ability to “take your tv with you” and show families camping ..sitting around a fire with their tablets and phones watching television. Why even bother going anywhere? Isn’t the point of going somewhere to do something different?

I have quit taking my phone into the restaurant when we go to dinner. There is nothing going on that I need to interrupt my family time for. There is no one I can not call back in 30 minutes when I am finished eating. 

I wish everyone would. I am tired of trying to talk to people who can’t look up from their phones… or talk mumble while looking down at their phone and expect me to hear them. 

This is the modern family –

I do realize that all families are not like this – I wish none of them were. 


There Goes My Life..

As I  went to insert the song into this post, I discovered that WordPress has gone up – WAY UP – in the price of their service that includes adding music to your posts. So, I am having to wiggle around it until I find a new host who does NOT charge an outrageous price – or find a CSS writing class and start my own.

ANY-who. That is the explanation for the odd link to the music today.

I don’t know if you have realized it or not, but I love music. Even more than music, country music. Even more than country music – Kenny Chesney!

But..that is not really the point here.

I have a song for everything! Really! Give me a day, a person, a thing, a place – I have a song for it. I dare you – I double dog dare you!  There is a comment section – do it!

Again, though, not the point…

My song for Justin – My Dork – is – surprise, surprise – a Kenny Chesney song, the one above,  “There Goes My Life”.

I have told the story before of how The Dork saved me… and well…about a month ago, not only did he ask his beautiful girlfriend Maggie May (not really her name) and her baby boy Axle Rose (only half is his real name) to marry him, but he took a job in Louisiana and well….


(This part of it, anyway… we still have Goose for 2 1/2 more years before the Air Force gets him…)


Christmas this year…

We had our Christmas with my family here in FL on Christmas Eve, and it went rather well, I think, considering…


Considering that dinner was planned at 5 p.m. and I was still shopping for gifts at noon.

Considering that dinner was planned at 5 p.m. and at 1:30 I was broke down in the Auto Zone parking lot (thanking God for small miracles that I was already there when it happened).

Considering that the money I had set aside to get The Man’s gift from last Christmas installed on his car had to be spent on a new car battery… remember the days when they were only $50 or so…yeah…those days are gone.

Considering that dinner was planned at 5 p.m. and I was still shopping for gifts at 2:30 …

Considering that dinner was planned at 5 p.m. and I finally got home at 3:30 with the last of the ingredients that I had forgotten for dinner..

….that I still hadn’t wrapped a single gift.

….that I did not get the tree finished until 4:15.

I was pleased. I think everyone else was, as well.

The plan had been to have Christmas Day here at home and go to the In-laws in GA the day after.

However, my sister works at IHOP, and they are open on Christmas (one of their busiest days of the year, at that)  and she had to work, so we decided to ‘do’ our Christmas on Christmas Eve, and then go to GA a day early and surprise The Man’s family by getting there on Christmas.

Yeah. Well…

I was exhausted by the end of the FL Christmas. We used, as we rednecks do, paper plates and disposable cookware, so all that we had to wash was a crockpot and a few small things that could not go into the dishwasher. I put them to soak and went to bed – leaving everything for Christmas morning to be cleaned.

I know – sounds crazy – leaving the mess of 10 adults, a toddler and an infant – to clean the next morning, before we leave to go out of town, knowing we also still have to pack. I work best under pressure and it could have been done. The Man wasn’t feeling 100% yet (or even 80), as he had been sick, so far, 5 days of his vacation. So, we decided to wait until the day after to leave, as originally planned.

Christmas Day..was AWE-some! In our 20 years together, we have only spent 4 at our own home, having lived out of state all but 3, so it was kind of nice.

I took the dogs to the dog park, and they had a blast. I refused to play ball with Princess Dixie so she had to play with the other dogs (she doesn’t usually play with other dogs – being obsessed with the tennis ball and all). Not having to throw a ball every ten seconds, I was able to sit and relax … well, as close to relaxed as I can get. I parked my fanny on a swing next to a man who owned one of Dixie’s playmates and we started talking about, well, what else? Dogs.

I usually only keep the dogs at the park about 30 minutes. Having begun talking to this man, came to discover he was from GA, too, and had even lived in one of the towns The Man and I had lived in, though, many years before us. So, we talked and reminisced about small towns growing to big towns, traffic and such…

Two hours later, the 3 Stooges and I headed home. It was nice, to have someone to talk to there. I usually go alone in the morning, and there aren’t many dogs at the park on rather chilly December mornings. Floridians having that thinned out summer year round blood and all. Sixty degrees and they want to turn on the heat and light a fire. When there are groups – they are usually youngin’s who have created their own little cliques. So it was nice, and well, get me talking about my kids or my dogs…..

Today is the day after Christmas ( wait – it  is 2 a.m. so I suppose it was yesterday) ANY-who…

We were putting our bags into the car to leave (running an hour late as usual) when The Man’s father called.  Mom has the flu. So we decided to stay home.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Getting the flu, that is. Glad we were running late…

I admit though, I am a bit disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing everyone. Health and well being come first though! I am praying she feels better soon.

So, this Christmas is being spent at home. The entire holiday, vacation, etc.

Yeah. Vacation.

The Man has had his vacation, now, it is time to start on my Honey-Do List…


I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! Wishing you a very happy new year – as I say every year – may it be a darn sight better than the last…