Dr. Phil and 30 Reasons girls should call it a night

As there isn’t much on t.v. at 6 in the morning, I started watching an episode of Dr. Phil. As he interviews a 20 – something girl  who moderates the Facebook page ” 30 Reasons Girls Should Call it a Night”.
This Facebook page is for girls to post pictures of themselves  – yes – they post them – during (or after) a night of partying way past time that they should have called it a night. Calling it a night before their heads were in the toilet vomiting. Before they were flashing their chest for the cameras. Before they were passed out on the floor and her so called friends were drawing obscene pictures on her body with a sharpie.
He has pictures from this page – again these girls have posted these pictures themselves – scrolling on a screen behind the stage. He gets to one of the moderator and stops.
Dr. – This is you, correct? (the picture shows her two fisted drinking – both beer bottles at her mouth as well) 
D.A.G. (Dumb Ass Girl) – yes
Dr. – there is another one of you throwing up that you don’t want us to show, so we are not  – but why not? If it’s already on the page and you posted it…
(good question Phil)
D.A.G. – because that’s on Facebook, the internet, not t.v. – where anyone with an antennae can see it…
Dr. Phil –  (shaking his head while audience laughs, thinking, I’m sure – she can’t really be this stupid)
Yes, doc, she is.
She says this page is the start of a movement for equality. 
That men go out drinking in bars, they are expected to get into fights and it’s all cool, it’s considered male bonding. ( Um, huh?) 
“It’s still visible that women do not have equal opportunities as men” 
So how is this –

Going to get me equal rights? How is having pictures like these –  

or this –


Going to help me be treated equal to anyone? 

“Women should be able to express their rights not just in the workplace but socially…there shouldn’t be a double standard.”

” This isn’t just each girl, it’s for women as a whole”

I’m ok with a double standard here – I do not want to be held as an equal to some D.A.G. or Guy who believes this is acceptable ..

Don’t include ME in your “women as a whole” .

(Before the people who know me think I am being hypocritical – yes. I have knelt before the porcelain throne, I have passed out….a couple times even as an adult – a few more than I would like to admit or ever thought I would as an adult – doesn’t mean I want pictures of myself in these situations TAKEN let alone posted on line for the world to see. I have learned my lesson, I hope, and believe me, these lessons were hard.)


There are so many who don’t realize that the internet is forever. You can delete it, but there is, somewhere, a record of it. There is someone who saw the picture…the post… copied it and decided to make a meme out of it and now – LOOK! There you are on some bored housewives blog about drunk girls… where do you think I got these pictures? I copied them from the internet.

I admit, I do have pictures of myself out with friends and a beer or some sort of drink in my hand on Facebook, so I am not completely innocent in this. However, I would hope that a potential employer, etc. would not equate a beer in my hand the same as he would a picture of me drunk and throwing up in the bathroom of the local Three Dollar. I hope. 

Before they put this kind of thing out there…I wish they would think – do I want my preacher to see this? My teachers? My mom? My father? My children?

I am so thankful that my children do not do this… 





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