Baby you can drive my car..

WAIT! The baby? Driving a CAR? No. Can’t be already.

The driving thing. When Dork started driving, I was nervous, but not nearly as much as I am today. Right. This. Very. Minute.

He just got his licence this morning. 5 hours ago.

Did I mention that he blew a tire on my car on the way to try to take the test the first time? I didn’t, did I? (He didn’t fail it – we didn’t know an appointment was required.)

Joking aside, it is harder. Not only because he is the baby, but in the past 6 months, and the last just two days ago, I have had good friends lose their children in a car accident. I know things like this happen everyday, but this close to home…

I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and never let him out of the house.



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