..saying goodbye..

Mom passed on March 18, 2016.

She was released back to the nursing home on Wednesday from hospice. On Thursday, The Man went by to see her on the way home from work. He got home and told me “Your mom looks great. I got there and she was standing up, brushing her hair. We talked, I showed her how to work her e-cig, went outside for a few minutes. She seems to be feeling much better.”

I was relieved. She had been feeling so bad, I figured getting back ‘home’ where she was comfortable must have been just what she needed.

The next morning, about 5:30, my sister called. The nursing home had been trying to reach me and I did not realize my phone was turned off. The Man and I, my sister and nieces met in her room and waited. We were all in shock, even though it had been coming for quite a while. We had all just talked to her the day before. I had been there the morning before and as I said, my husband had been up there as well.

About 8:30 a.m., she was gone.

We all say the standard “She’s in a better place”. Yes, she is. Even if I did not believe in God and heaven, she would still be in a better place, which is no longer sick and in pain.


I love you Mother. Mom…and miss you.



2 responses to “..saying goodbye..

  1. This also gives some context to your TWD comment. One of my sayings is that “Life is short, dead is for a very long time and you never know when the next thing you know will be the last thing you know. Enjoy life”. May her memory be eternal.

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