Happy July 4th!

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2 responses to “Happy July 4th!

  1. Oh, believe me, I agree…I haven’t lived anywhere that there is not an arranged fireworks show for the area – that is plenty. We have a few friends (well, they started as friends of my son in HS and now as adults…) who have JUST gotten out of the military who are going through PTSD – one who, even in his job as a chef, has major problems with just dishes banging.

    The world the way it is today..I am with you – if I were a criminal – the perfect time to shoot would be July 4 – 911 would assume it is a nut with fireworks.

  2. I hate the 4th and New Year’s for the gazillions of idiots who apparently can’t control themselves or who don’t own calendars…popping off those bomb blast sounding things. I think of the fragility of those affected by the war and who battle PTSD…where in hell can they go to escape this noise? Imagine if someone is triggered by these ridiculous firecracker setters setting off the m80 things…it wouldn’t be too surprising if the confusion results in someone getting hurt or killed by reflexive action taken by this sufferer. I feel awful for anyone battling the PTSD associated with being a soldier…can’t wait till this holiday moves past and things are a little less disturbing. Frankly, I personally hate the sounds and never know if it is a criminal act making the sound or just a jerk with his fireworks.

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