Things that make you go…GRRRRRRR..

(as always, this is the way it is in the world in which I live…)

Between the racist basketball owners, who can technically say what they want – freedom of speech and all – let them be racists if they want – and I agree – ban these idiots from the NBA – but you can’t  force these idiots to sell their teams – capitalism and all. You know? The American dream type thing?…

The insanity of Oblowme Care..

Common Core turning our children gay…

We are still trying to figure out what happened in Benghazi (like we all don’t know at least the general gist of it)..

Then the VA Hospitals – unbelievable! Our soldiers deserve the absolute best we have to give them and there are people who have no problem allowing them to die for the all mighty dollar?

I am certain the world is going to hell in a bucket – at least our part of it..

Then there is the guy I heard about a day or two ago..

…from Texas…

“Teen faces life in prison over hash brownies”

(Not sure I have ever mentioned it – I am anti-pot, however, I think this is insane!! A pedophile doesn’t get this much time..I won’t go into why he has the possibility of this sentence, because it is not the point here…)


After I saw this, I started thinking…

It costs $10k a month – which is $120,000 for my mom to be in a skilled nursing facility, and I am having to jump through so many hoops I should go for the Olympics when we are done.

So I looked up how much it will cost to keep this man in prison, not necessarily his whole life, but per year. It is $17, 338. 

Six figures compared to five. The five being for people who have broken the law – stolen, beaten, abused, sold drugs, raped or killed people.


*The Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNiF)  generally take a residents entire social security check (well, in my mother’s case and most of the other residents of her facility) – they leave her with $35 of it a month, bringing me to the *phone – which they charge an extra $20 a month for – so, if they have to get their phone through the facility, the are actually left with $15 a month.

*The Day room with TV/Cable  and TV – the SNiF has TV in a Day Room where all of the residents can watch television together…and the nurses control the station..and the other day..these seniors were stuck watching Sponge Bob Square Pants.. Inmates also have a Day Room with a TV in it also controlled by someone in charge (instead of nurses, the guards).

While the residents of the SNiF do have televisions in their rooms, some inmates do as well, have small TV’s donated that they can have in their rooms.

Yes, rooms – as many are in dormitories, not cells. So they are even there, to an extent.

They all have access to medical care and dental care and church. 

So…here is my question? Why don’t I bring my mom some hash oil brownies, call the police, have her arrested and then the government will pay only $17,338 for something it already pays $120,000 for ….

Medicaid (AKA the government and tax payers) pay for the (very very ) large portion that mother’s Social Security does not.  Remember I said $10k a month? Her check is $953 a month..


(Inmate info is for FL Dept of Corrections)


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