Oh Happy Days…

As the cat sits barking at something outside the patio door (probably a gecko – I do live in Florida and they are all over!) I realize that I am crazy behind on my #100DaysofHAppy …well, sort of…

I have them…my life has just been such a cluster f**ck these days that I haven’t had the brain power to post them…

Here are some…I don’t have picture of a couple, so…use your imagination…

There was the day I was on my way to see mom at the hospital and the man behind me was jammin’ in his car – not just jammin’ – no, he was dancing …he saw me watching and stopped. I guess he really liked the song and didn’t care – and started dancing again. Man after my own heart – I am a klutz and can’t dance, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket – so, stand back and and plug your ears ’cause I love this song!

Then there is Suzanne…she is my bestest, oldest, dearest friend Misty’s girlfriend. She works at PAWS in Atlanta, an animal shelter. While it is sad, yes, it also makes me smile a little – before they have to put a doggie down : ( she brings them chocolate donuts. One last treat.

A couple of tickets we had dropped from our driving records so USAA let us back with their insurance, saving us a little over $100 a month!

It took me 2 1/2 weeks, but I finally got the laundry caught up (it was difficult with mom in the hospital and all of the running around I had to do with her) and unpacked…

and last, but definitely not least…


There’s more to come..but for now, I have got to get back to cleaning and organizing the house before I GO BACK TO WORK! WOOOO HOOOO!!!! 



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