It’s Time…

While I was out of town this past weekend, The Man called and mom had fallen. She is now in the hospital fighting yet another battle with pneumonia (the 4th in 6 months, 2nd in 3 weeks and worst of the lot).

I have been struggling with the decision for a while, but her having fallen made it for me. When she leaves the hospital this time, she will be going to a Rehab facility and then on to long term care. At her age and health, falling is too dangerous and even if I could stay at home 24/7, she wanders around too much at night for me to feel safe that she is not going to fall again.

She is not happy about it. Who would be? I wanted to go about this differently. I wanted her to be able to tour the place first. Meet the people who run the place. Sadly, it is happening faster than I had planned.

I fear she has already given up.

I know this isn’t what happens to everyone as they get older. My in-laws are much older than she is and I tell ya, they both can absolutely wear me out! My father-in-law walks 3 miles a day. I walk to the kitchen.

I am thankful for them, because, until I met them, I dreaded getting older. Hell, I dreaded getting 60. Now? Bring it on! (well, in due time, of course, I mean, I am only 25  30 35 ugh. Ok, I am 38 and holding…for now.


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