Another trip around the sun..

As another trip around the sun is complete and the next is set to begin, I am left to ponder the meaning of life..


I got nothing. A rather uneventful year. Not especially good, but no where near bad ..just  a year. No inspirational words. I didn’t find myself – didn’t really look this year, just went with the flow..

Wait. I have that! I decided last year to quit stressing. Stressing does not solve anything and just makes wrinkles.

An example…

The usual fun was had with my sis-in-law at our annual Kenny Chesney show

..until she and I got separated as we were heading out of the (Georgia) Dome. We had ridden with some of her friends and I remembered where we parked – the green lot – but not where we parked. 

So I walked. I took an adventure that led me to meet two couples from Tennessee, who allowed me to use their cell phone. I met a group who had set up a Tiki Bar  on the side of the road – I stopped, they allowed me to use their cell phone and have a beer with them. After that call, I remembered that my phone was dead – which was why I left it in the van. So, a lot of good all of these calls were doing…

I met a homeless man, who I did, against my usual personal rule, gave money to – he was playing an awesome set on the bongos. I met someone who worked at  the Dome while sitting at the bus stop taking out my contacts..

The best of all was meeting one of Kenny’s roadies!!

See? There he is!

See? There he is!

I did beg him to take me to Kenny (and if he had…I guess a tour bus woulda had to bring me home, cause the group never woulda found me!)..he said no 😦  – but he gave me some guitar picks that (at least I pretend) Kenny had used…

As I walked more (in a circle, around the Dome) I came upon some police officers, and all that was missing from the scene were cameras and someone singing “Bad Boys” ( NOT for me, but for the drunkards talking to them before me..).. as the drunkards walked away, and my conversation began with the officers…

I heard my name and one of our group was running towards us…I guess maybe they thought I had gotten in trouble. Nope. Just asking for directions – or a ride 😉 ….

Through all of this, I coulda stressed (Lord knows the group was and I felt awful about that)..but what good would it have done? None. I wouldn’t have found them any quicker. I knew if I stayed close to the building, eventually – we would find each other. And we did. Was quite an interesting night…

So, this year, that is what I learned, and it has made life much more enjoyable.

Happy 29 35 39 OK…40 – something to me! 


2 responses to “Another trip around the sun..

  1. Hah! Went to see him once. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Kenny is not magical for me, anymore…ever since that video he made..the first time I’d seen him without a hat…yeah..that truly traumatized me. I really never felt the same about him after that. I am an awful person, I know.

    • Lol, not at all…I remember the first time I saw him without a hat – there was an article in People magazine and they had a pic – wow. However, I still think he is a hottie – as long as he keeps his hat on! I think my ‘obsession’ with him is more his look on life…my favorite song ” I’m Alive ” gave me a new way to look at things. I am on 9 shows in 6 years (he took a year off)..and I can’t wait for the next one! (He is taking next year off, too)

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