Through the years….

The Goose and I had a great morning! We had been talking about this past Christmas and asked me about a conversation we had all had about The Man as a teen.

“Do we have any pictures of dad with long hair?”

Why, yes..yes we do!

So, we sat and looked through all sorts of pictures of The Man and family as he grew up.

Yep. Goose’s hair is this long now, just with more curl… he says he is going to get this one out every time The Man tells him it is time for a haircut…

Then we found this one…

and he commented on how Mema hasn’t changed at all since then…

Then the family picture (even today, there is always a person missing from the picture, in this case, Grandaddy, as someone has to take the picture…)

There is our version of “That 70’s Show” or is it “Saturday Night Fever” ?

Then there were the college years….

and then, there was this one…

“What’s up with the beard?!”

Yeah, just what is up with the beard, honey?

Lots of smiles to start the morning…

(..and honey, yes, I tease you about your ’70’s hair, etc. But remember there are  pictures of my junior high years with the teased hair and shaved head…they are just well hidden  ❤   )


2 responses to “Through the years….

  1. lol! He joked that he was going to kill me, but ended up laughing with his friends over them..luckily, I suppose, my parents weren’t big picture takers (of course, it could be just that they didn’t have the time)…so there aren’t many of me from my teens…maybe I will put a few…it is my birthday today after all…and I haven’t much to actually say… and I grew up in the 80’s – so, big hair is my “silk jacket”…

  2. Haha..I am going through about 30+ years worth of my early years’ my dad took from the 50s thru 80’s…I am scanning them to hard drive. funny how my mom could get away with dressing us in plaid bellbottoms and striped shirts and we never gave a good hoot..didn’t know better…I am dying to see them now. Gads! And of course the big jackets. oh yes..I was born in ’64 so I am all-too familiar..;)

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