Three Blind Mice…

..well, thank God there are not really any mice. Sadly, it is my mom. Took mom to the eye doctor yesterday and since her last appointment in November, she has gone completely blind in her left eye. Thank you glaucoma. So now…

See the arrow?

Mom's vision.. or lack of..

Mom’s vision.. or lack of..

The red dot in the middle is the only spot mom has vision – no peripheral, bottom or top…unless she looks straight at it… what? We see (ha. We see? Well..) the glaucoma specialist next week. There is a surgery they can do, I guess on her right eye only now, that could possibly help her from losing any further vision (in the right eye). It doesn’t repair the damage already done, though. It could also leave her completely blind.  So, either way, she could end up blind – just a question of how quickly. (She still had a similar amount of vision in her left eye in November as she has now in her right eye, and much more so in her right eye at the time… it seems to be going rather quickly. )

Makes me sad, considering she is doing so much better in other areas. She has almost doubled – DOUBLED her weight 0f 66 pounds since September of last year (who else in the world could be happy about that!?). They have decreased the amount of oxygen she is using ( she can use the small portable tank instead of the cumbersome pull along) and has even been able to again wear her teeth (I am glad she doesn’t read this – she might not like me telling you that..but I know she was happy to be able to and I was happy she was happy)…

What next? Please, don’t answer that, Lord, because I am really not sure I want to know…


3 responses to “Three Blind Mice…

  1. Awww. My mom has blindness of the opposite type : macular degeneration. She can see a little off the peripheral but nothing out of center. So sad too because it kills the books and even tv for her. She had to stop driving. Its almost like she sits now, just biding her time till she is gone. So depressing. I am so glad your mom is gaining weight as I know that has been an issue for some time now. Seeing our parents like this is like a constant reminder that ‘we’re next up on the queue’ as they leave us behind. Ughhhh. I will turn 50 this year and it is a never-ending thought in my head it seems.

    • Mom can’t watch television either, really… and she too just seems to be waiting…though she is not depressed, or so it seems – and she says she isn’t. I am trying to crochet a blanket, and she taught me how a lifetime ago, and now I need a refresher course, and sadly, she can’t see to show me… I shall pray for your mom..thank you for your kind words.

      And yes, to see this is quite a scary glimpse into the possible future. Mom has lived a hard life, so I am hoping that maybe I won’t be in quite the pickle she is in..

      • Thanks, I shall pray for you as well. My Ma tought me how to crochet too…I pick it up every now and then but I used to like it better when she’d do the first couple of rows for me…cuz I always managed to get a curly end when it was time to turn and start next row…lol. Sometimes I am very sure Hell is actually a place right here on Earth when I see her suffering.
        Peace, CJ

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