Gummy Bear colonoscopy prep..

4:30 this morning, reading this article – woke up the house laughing at this :

(Please note: this article, etc. has been cut and pasted – I take no credit for the hilarity about to ensue…)


Beware Of The 5 lb. Bag Of Sugarless Gummy Bears On – The Reviews Are Priceless!

Posted On January 8, 2014 at 3:37pm PST

Oh, gummy bears! They’re so tasty and delicious you can never eat just one. In fact most of us eat them by the handful.   And with diet season in full swing, some of us may be looking at the sugar-free alternative to help ease the gummy bear cravings.

But before you hop on Amazon to make a bulk purchase of the sugar-free variety, you just might want to read the safety warnings.  Or better yet, take a look at the user submitted reviews. We’ve compiled the best of the best for you here at Slightly Viral…

Sugarless gummy bears may taste like the original but these come with a safety warning…


Safety Warning: Consumption of some sugar-free candies may cause stomach discomfort and/or a laxative effect. Individual tolerance will vary. If this is the first time you’ve tried these candies, we recommend beginning with one-fourth of a serving size or less.







































Okay, now you’ve officially been warned. Proceed at your own risk!


2 responses to “Gummy Bear colonoscopy prep..

  1. Now you want to takeaway my gummy bears,is nothing scared.Dad

  2. That will get a RB…too funny. We can call it, “How to lose weight while eating candy”……

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