Coolest gift…

When we moved to Washington, we didn’t realize the culture shock we were in for. There were no Waffle House’s, Cracker Barrel’s, no Krystal’s  (not even White Castle) and (((( GASP!))) No CHICK-FIL-Al!

So, I got kind of homesick. Yes, we had lived all over by then – Arkansas, Kansas, South Carolina.. a short stay in Texas for The Man…but wasn’t Washington was another universe in many ways compared.

So, mom and my aunt Sarah sent me the coolest package – I still have part of it…

They went to Jacksonville Beach and filled a jar with sand and a jar with water (the water jar went out the window a few months later, and it still worries me years later – after a while – something grew in it –ewww! And now we go and swim in that ocean…).     icky


In the package there was also a box from a Krystal burger, some jelly from the Cracker Barrel and a neat sound effects thing, that has ocean and nature sounds. So, I could take out my sand and water and turn on the beach sounds and pretend.



Yeah, I know, the west coast has a beach, too…but nothing like the east coast. I really didn’t think there would be a difference – sand, ocean…but the west coast – well, Pacific Northwest Coast – was still cold, dreary and gray. blech.

I was so happy to get back home!

There's no place like home...

There’s no place like home…



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