You want fries with that..?

December 10th was our 17th anniversary, so The Man and I took a weekend trip to Daytona Beach to celebrate.

We got into the hotel around 9, set the air and headed to bed. Once the music from the pavillion below ended, I thought it might be nice to open the patio door and listen to the ocean. The sound was nice, but being still 80 degrees outside, was too hot. So, I closed the door.

About 5 a.m. I got up, as it was stuffy in the room, and realized the air wasn’t running. So I opened the door to let in the morning breeze, and went over to check the a/c. Crap. It wasn’t working. Nothing. The screen was blank.

So, back to bed, tried to rest until The Man woke up, and told him the a/c was broken. We needed to let the front desk know to send someone up.

So, after we showered and dressed, he came to me giggling…

Took me to the door…

and showed me …



Hey – Ya’ll want fries with that?


One response to “You want fries with that..?

  1. LMAO! Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy the love and a/c cut-off switches on the balcony together for many, many more!

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