One of the reasons for this whole blog thing for me, well, it started to just keep the family across the country up to date on the happenings in our world…later, I discovered that bipolar disorder can damage the brain, particularly the memory portions. So, when we moved back to the east coast, I decided to keep doing it – I mean – everyone has a blog these days. There’s even a show “Dog with a Blog” ( and well, the last thing I want to be is just like everyone else… but I also want to make sure I remember…

I have gotten a bit distracted from the memory part, there’s a lot going on in the world these days – and not just mine! It’s a crazy place.. and I fear we are going to hell in a bucket… and well as I am enjoying some of the ride, I dislike the final destination.

I know so many sad stories from my  mom’s childhood (she and her siblings had a difficult childhood, spending majority in a very strict childrens’ home)..but not many happy stories. I know absolutely nothing about my father’s childhood and teen years, and he has passed, so there is no hope there as he was an only child. 

I would love my children to know about their grandparents – not just memories from their time with them, but what their life was like when they were their age. So, I want to leave stories for my children to tell my grandchildren…heck, for myself to remember!

Alrighty then…

Do you start from the beginning or with the first thing that comes to mind? Do you include the bad memories or just the good ones? Maybe the bad ones that a lesson was learned from? Hmmm..what ya think?


One response to “Memories…

  1. I like to go with the “cherished” memories myself…they live in perpetuity as the ones worth sharing….for instance…my precious father. He died 3 years ago. He was a quick-tempered HOT-tempered man at times, which really instilled the fear of God in me as a child…sometimes I strongly disliked that about him back then. But overall, to be fair, he was just the most awesome, overall Dad a kid could have. It is the awesomeness about him and the things he did for us that I love to share…not the well-deserved ass-whoopings we got, on occasion….;)

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