The Morning Commute..

Ahh…how I love fall.. the foliage changing color (that would be the  landscaping crew changing the flowers in the entryway to the neighborhood)…. the cool wind (ok, I live in Florida – we may truly get a cool wind one day a year).. the sounds of migrating birds (both of the feathered variety and the yankee – snowbird kind)..

…and the start of the school year!! The sound of the school bells, notebook paper, pencils, backpacks… Woo- hoo! For the record – I liked it when school started again as a child – it isn’t just the mom me who wants her television back talking!..

As Goose goes to a private school now, I drive him to and from, and in the mornings, we have amazing conversations.

This morning we were discussing his teachers for this year :

Everyone seems to like the new P.E. teacher, you think?

Yeah, well..all but one person – someone said they wished she would quit before we even started the P.E. part of class..


..and she knew about it the next day … she told the class word gets around pretty quick..

Do you know who said it?


She does. I guarantee it.


Small school (there are 20 kids in his (9th) grade..and only 6 seniors..)

You should remember, that it isn’t just your behavior that people look at, it is also the behavior of the people you hang around. You could never speak a word, but if you are with people who bad mouth others, swear and such, it will be assumed you do as well.

I told him the story of Bryan C…

We had a boy in middle school, who was the definition of nerd. He wore glasses (back when glasses weren’t ‘cool’), his clothes were usually crumpled, and rarely fit right. He didn’t have the most up to date hair and it seemed to always need washing.

Everyone made fun of him. They called him “frootloop” …he was elected to the Valentine Court as a joke. Being raised to not make fun of people, I did my absolute best not to. However, the fact that I stood by and let others do it without speaking up makes me just as guilty. 

Peer pressure is hard to resist, especially as a young teen – hell, even at 40 years old there is still peer pressure (The Smith’s and The Jones’s?). It tells a lot about your character how you deal with it. I am not proud of the fact that I didn’t speak up and tell everyone that it wasn’t nice to say those things, I have always felt guilty about it.

I hope I have raised my sons to be better than I was. He is friends with a boy in the neighborhood who has been bullied for as long as we have known him ( I have to be honest, the child drives us bonkers! He is very talkative. ), but Goose is still his friend, and I am proud of him for that. He has had friends invite him to places but said “don’t tell (said boy)..we don’t want him around” ..and my Goose won’t go. That’s just not who he wants to be – I hope.

I am sorry, Bryan. Children are cruel and merciless… and many don’t get much better as they enter adulthood. 


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