There Goes My Life…

21 years..well, actually 22 years ago, I found out I was pregnant with Dork. I thought my life was over. At the time, quite honestly, I was heading to a very bad place.

I was 18 and bi-polar disorder ran my life. I didn’t sleep for weeks and partied like there was no tomorrow.

I couldn’t have a kid. I couldn’t take care of myself…

Well, with the help of my parents, I did…and 21 years ago today.. after 18 1/2 hours of labor.. my Dork arrived. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

Scan0034_0034If anything, cause he was a BOY! WTH were you thinking, God? Giving the girlie girl a BOY???

I had always pictured myself with girls, when I pictured myself with children. My sister was the tom-boy and was supposed to have the boys- I hated to get dirty and knew nothing about sports!

I am still undecided as to whether it was because God was smart that I got boys or if it is because he has a sense of humor. Doesn’t matter – I wouldn’t have it any other way.Scan0039_0039

Dork – you saved my life, you should know. I have no idea where I would be today if you hadn’t come along. I know I haven’t always been the best mom, but you have been an amazing kid who has grown into a man that I am so very proud of and feel honored to have you as my son.

Happy 21st Birthday Dork!          I love you!marines 002OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


One response to “There Goes My Life…

  1. Loved that! Happy Birthday Dork!

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