Why are we being punished?

As the sequestration of federal workers begins in a week, I still don’t entirely understand the reason for it (but I am learning) I asked The Man (because he truly is smarter than me concerning things like this – but shhhh – don’t dare tell him I said so!)

“Why are they doing this?”

Basically, to punish the government for not getting the budget done in time, finding where to cut  $1.2 trillion


“So how does this punish the government? ”

They have one less day a week to get work done…


“So, how does this punish the government? ”

Things will take longer to get done because they will only have 4 days to do things instead of 5.


So how does this punish the government? Are they also taking pay cuts? Nope.

So, how does this punish the government?

The only people I see being punished are the federal employees who are taking pay cuts. They would rather work their 5 days and keep their pay than have an extra day off – Why don’t we threaten to cut CONGRESS’s pay if they don’t – basically – do their jobs!!!??? Wouldn’t THAT make more sense?

Hell, if employees don’t do their jobs, our boss doesn’t get a pay cut and an extra day off a week…WE get FIRED.

Has anyone ever considered, maybe, firing congress?


One response to “Why are we being punished?

  1. I am CONSTANTLY ranting about wiping every sitting congressperson OUT and starting with KNOW-NOTHINGS rather than continue with these idiots.
    And, don’t over-stress yourself trying to make any sense of anything involving the current administration, the congress, the economy, ObamaCare, or the truth behind all of the sordid scandals and crises of the moment…you’ll only come away with a massive migraine and even less understanding. Be kind to yourself, God knows the Gov’t doesn’t give a damn about you, or me, or our kids, our soldiers, and so on….ad nauseum.

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