KIDS! Arrgghhh!

How is it my son(s) can remember every last detail of the zillion video games they play, but can not remember: how to spell zuchini, (laughing to myself- as I write this, spell check tells me I don’t know how, either – think I’ll leave it for comic value), to bring down his dirty clothes or put their dishes in the dishwasher? They have to come downstairs every day – bring the clothes.. The dishwasher is right under the counter where you just sat that plate – put it in the dishwasher! GOOBERS!

While I am ranting – I think instead of doing laundry, The Dork just buys new clothes when he runs out..and when he comes home on leave, brings all of the dirty ones for me to wash.

Does the Marine Corps not teach them how to pack a suitcase? They can pack a month of survival gear in a backpack but not how to fold a shirt? Oh crap. Just realized – that’s probably something his mom should have taught him, isn’t it? Bugger.

OH! And..and… and! He can remember to update his FACEBOOK page, but not to call his mother??


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