Insomnia – I hate you.

and you are no longer welcome here. I know you like to hang around, but really, I am ok without you..

Do you not understand? There is nothing on t.v. late at night …or, as it is now, early the next morning – it is 2:30 a.m. and I have yet to be asleep and The Man’s alarm will go off in 1 hour and 45 minutes from now.. and then I have to get up and fix him lunch – you guys do realize that is is summer vacation and I do not have a job (outside of my mother)? Why do I have to get up? Not that it matters on nights (or mornings) like this..but…

and why is there nothing on t.v. this time of night – er- morning? Do they not think anyone is up? What about those who work the late shift? You know –

♪  7-3, 3-11..11-7.. ♫

Dang it. Now I have Kenny Chesney and George Straight in my head…  and if it wouldn’t wake up the whole house, I would go find the cd and load it here so that you would too..

I just realized that I am an English teacher’s nightmare..I think this post is one very, very long run on sentence.

Man, I need some sleep…or something to eat.


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