If only I had known…

All of these years – the doctors, her children, her grandchildren….have all asked her to quit smoking. Now, she is in the ending stages of emphysema. She carries and oxygen tank with her everywhere – even the shower (sorry for the visual).

Yesterday, my husband put it to her bluntly. If you do not quit smoking, you are going to be dead by Christmas.

M- ” I will probably be dead by Christmas anyway.”

The Man – ” But if you quit smoking, you could live..so, which would you rather? Quit and possibly live or continue and certainly die? Because, we would rather you live.”

Mom asked me this morning for an electronic cigarette. If I had only known all it would take was The Man to say something…

(BTW – a super kudos to The Man –  he put down the cancer sticks in January – he has been using electronic cigarettes ever since – which is A-Ok with the doc!  Way to go baby! I am so very proud of you!!!!)


One response to “If only I had known…

  1. And, just when you thought you knew him, after all these years! That’s awesome.

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