The dogs, their leashes and the squirrel..

Princess DIxie Dog

Princess DIxie DogMax!

I have decided that these dogs need some exercise  Ok, I suppose I do, too, as the doc pointed out a couple of weeks ago that I have put on 20lbs. since moving here.

So we walk in the morning. We started short, just around the block, then we ventured further, and rounded the corner at the next block. We are up to a mile and a half.

I imagine if someone were to follow me with a camera, we would be quite the sight…

Walking 2 dogs who have yet to decide who is “pack leader” , they can’t decide on who is going to walk in front. Walk on separate sides of me? HA! Dixie is a border collie, and I have decided it is not in a border collie’s genetic makeup to walk a straight line. She goes back and forth…


…herding me until – See that SPLAT! at the end there? That’s me when we finally get to the corner and we have to stop and she trips me up….

So,while if I walked alone it would take me an hour to go 3 miles..with the dogs it takes an hour to go mile and half.

Did I mention the squirrels? Yeah, Dixie loves to chase squirrels! There aren’t any in our neighborhood – except the ones that live in my head and distract me from the things I need to do or have started and not finished (one is named Facebook, the other Gmail, WordPress..)…


I swear though, the squirrels watch and wait for me to take the dogs for a walk and they come out in ..idk..what’s a flock of squirrels called?

So, now I have the two dogs, still not decided who the pack leader is on the walks (cause Lord knows, it is not me) and then Dixie.. sees the…

SQUIRREL!  She tries to make a run for it, Max and his laid back self doesn’t get it, so he stands there … and me? I think I am going to loose an arm before I get her attention.

I finally pull at her and get her attention (Caesar and his ‘tsk’ sound? Yeah. right. Doesn’t work for me..) and then Max notices the ducks! I give him credit though, he just wants to stand and watch them, he doesn’t chase them – THANK GOD cause I am not sure I am ready to lose both arms.

I have to mention my lack of understanding with this whole leash thing and my dogs. Max was a stray (for the most part) until 4 months ago and has not been leash trained. Dixie has been leash trained, yet has enough discipline that we haven’t really needed to use one much – until now.  Max with his no training, walks right beside me 90% of the time, Dixie on the other hand wants to stop every 5 feet to sniff ..and sniff..and sniff…

They the exact opposite at home, though, just want to mention. We let them both out to go to the bathroom, Dixie will not leave the yard. People have asked how we trained her to stay and we didn’t. She just does. Max, on the other hand? When he is on his leash he is tight to me,  but let him out the backdoor and he is gone like a freight train…ok, maybe not that fast, but still..I am sure the neighbors are tired of hearing me yell for him!

I know, I know..I am reaching for something to write about.. I am still out of work and stuck at home for now, so my life is pretty dull these days…

Oh..and just an FYI..a group of squirrels is called a scurry and they live in a drey.


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