Why is it that the good die young?

Yesterday morning, while getting up and dressed, I was mulling over my problems and ((grumble grumble)) getting ready to start a small pity party for myself. 

Things haven’t been going so great, especially since I lost my job. The bills pile up, the car needs an oil change, there’s a leak in the patio door and the upstairs bathroom repairs have left a hole in my bedroom ceiling that the repair company is taking it’s time getting here to repair…

Then my phone rings.

A friend is calling to tell me that a very good, mutual friend, passed away earlier that morning.

Jeremy was only 38. I was just at lunch with his wife the day before, and she was texting with him. He was the DJ for karaoke at the bar where I worked. He had just DJ’ed the night before.

How? Better question – WHY?

He was the most giving person I had ever met. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was a big teddy bear that you couldn’t help but smile around.

He had just recently auditioned for “The Voice” ..

I sat stunned and felt foolish for worrying about a hole in my bedroom ceiling while his wife, and my good friend, was in pain, missing her soul mate and asking how she will make it without him.

Everyone who met him, loved him. I am blessed to have known him.

Jeremy Rios – you will be missed.


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