Re-blog re: new gun laws

So, it is Executive order #2 that will keep me from owning a gun – but uh oh – should I give this info? Because Executive order #1 could get me first..?

I am bi-polar, as I have mentioned many times, but I have been stabile for 19 years. At my worst in a manic phase of my illness, I didn’t kill anyone, at my worst I worked 2 jobs (how many ‘sane’ Oblowme supporters do THAT?), drank a lot, had sex and wrote ONE bad check! At my worst in the depression of my bi-polar illness I worked 2 jobs (again I ask…) and slept when I wasn’t working – still NOT killing or doing any violence to anyone, or myself. Yet, because I am considered “mentally ill” ..I will not be allowed to own a gun, and I would put money on it, that my husband won’t be allowed to either, because he is married to me.

Damn big brother. If only EVERYONE had had to read George Orwell’s 1984

Short Little Rebel

Let’s address the President’s new 23 Executive Orders, shall we?  They look like gun control on the outside, but they are so much more than that.  These are the most treacherous executive orders possible.  These were NOT simply thought up in the few weeks since Sandy Hook.  These types of documents require many months to conceptualize and then many months to get ‘sign off’ from all the affected parties.  There are 23 of them- so add up all the months that would require.  When documents like these are specific, they are specific for a reason and when they are vague, they are vague for a reason.  Specificity gives control while vagueness gives great latitude in implementation.  But all of this requires a lot of thought and revision.  This is the type of work I used to do when I worked as an international management consultant.  Believe me, you can’t get…

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