2013 – some of the things I have learned this year..

..some of which, I already knew, just needed a reminder…

Don’t take anything for granted. I loved my job and made killer money – then we closed.

Smile often. Sometimes, it may be the only one some see that day. It is also surprising how contagious it is.

Make random acts of kindness a regular thing. I have done this in the past, but not necessarily as a habit. I think it should be one. One of my very good friends lost her father towards the end of this year, and in lieu of flowers, the family asked that everyone do random acts of kindness and tell them about it. The list was shared at the memorial. I think we should do this often. You never know when you will be the one in need. It makes a heart feel good.

Some things never change.. the only thing constant is change..

That a dog is the best friend ever and are always happy to see you! They love you no matter what.. (Lock your husband and your dog together in a trunk for an hour – only one of them is going to be happy to see you when you let them out!)

Always be ready to make a new friend..

Give a little with the kids –  i.e. If your son wants to have long hair..let him! Let him be him – his own personality should shine through if he is going to be a happy adult –  and face it, don’t we have bigger battles to fight?

Bitching and complaining doesn’t solve anything..

Be sure to eat BEFORE you drown your sorrows… (right at 40 years old.. I learned this a long time ago..just need to remind myself before my face meets the water faucet!)

I have learned to make a mean cosmopolitan – without a pre-made mixer.. and an awesome bloody mary (thanks Heather)..

When you rear end someone, even if it doesn’t look like your car has any damage.. have it checked anyway…

that the fact that your car is paid off and runs is much more important the the kind of car it is…

Be silly and laugh…don’t get so caught up in the negatives that you  forget that you only get one chance to live this life!

….and Pintrest..is addicting!


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