Day 19…for our for legged friends..

on day 19, I am thankful for my four legged family members, my Dixie Dog and Pretty Kitty.

We rescued Pretty from the pound a few years ago! After a battle with kennel cough the first two weeks we had her – she was so very sick, and our adopted cat cost us more than $500 the first two weeks (would have been more but for a caring vet who only charged us for what he absolutely had to) ..we had decided on Friday that if she wasn’t better by Monday, we were going to put her down – we just couldn’t watch her suffer any longer. Thank you God for saving her!

I am a big supporter of no kill shelters. It is not the animals fault that we humans can be irresponsible as pet owners and for so many reasons end up at shelters.

Below is a link (copy and paste) to find no-kill shelters in your area. Please help – the need monetary donations as well as food and supplies – AND YOUR TIME! If you can’t give money, give some time!


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