Share the Wealth..

Maybe Obama has it right, guys. We should share the wealth.


Hear me out- wealth can not always be equated with money – especially these days.

Wealth is having family and friends to love and who love you. The willingness to forgive. To pay it forward. To do unto others as you would have done unto you – you know, the Golden Rule thing the Bible alludes to?

THAT is wealth, my friends. Sure, I would love to have money money money money! I would love to have my bills paid off, my home paid off… to be able to quit my job and go back to being a stay at home mom (my house would be much cleaner and organized) …

But, I don’t. However, I think I am wealthy beyond my dreams. I have family whom I love dearly and who (I hope) love me too! Some of whom are not only family, but friends as well…  I hope they know who they are…

I have friends who, even though we hadn’t talked in 20 years, are back in my life and I am so very grateful for that! (Thank you, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg). One friend in particular, Shanda, reminds me everyday of this…

Be thankful for everything you have.  Someone, somewhere, has it worse – not everyone is as wealthy as you –  whether it be with the Bank of America or the bank of love…


Just a reminder – it is getting to be Toys-for-Tots time!



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