Duct tape and the US Embassy

This week and next, LCPL Dork is home on leave between duty stations. He will be heading to Quantico, VA for MSG training to become an Embassy Guard in two weeks. We are so very proud and excited for him, he very much wants to do this and, well, he is a bit nervous. He made it through the hardest part of the Marine Corps- Parris Island, so, no doubt in my mind, he can do this.

However -the world the shape it is in today, particularly after the events in Egypt, Libya and other areas around the world in the past week..I think I may tie him up, duct tape his mouth and lock him in a closet until it is over.

I am so happy my Dork is home! I get to hang out with him, he is going to sing karaoke at work, we arr having family pics done next week – the first in 4 years, and next week going to Universal Studios as a going away present and birthday present for Goose (who is THRILLED to have his big brother home! but shhh..he probably doesn’t want anyone to know..)

Now, we are all watching “The Hunger Games” waiting on dinner to be finished – his request – potato salad..I am happy to oblige.

I love you, Dork, and I am so very proud of you – no matter what you do!


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