The Amityville Horror and the card catalog…

What does one have to do with the other, you ask? Not much, really.

As we were watching the movie this weekend with the 12 year old (the new version – not as scary as the original, but nothing else was on, so..) we got to the scene where the mom went to the library to research her house.

She opens the card catalog – I pause and rewind –

Me – “Goose – do you know what that is?”

Goose – “A file cabinet”


“No, it’s a card catalog”

“What’s that?” …the explanation followed with more questions –

How did you know what book you were looking for?  That was when librarians were more than cashiers at the desk and did more than put away books – they knew what books were in their library and could help you find almost anything.

Then the microfiche came up – wow. What’s that?

That was how we looked up news paper articles and such before google….

Reese “..and we had to use the dewy decimal syatem to find the books…”

They still use that, he just didn’t know what it is called.

Sad. We – and I mean all of us in that we – depend way too much on computers! If your computer went down today – would most of us really know what was going on with our checking accounts? Hell, with the world, even? I wouldn’t.


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