They paved paradise…

Goose was about 3 years old…

… we were in the car – rather, the van (ugh) – heading to who knows where, and the Counting Crows “Big Yellow Taxi” came on the radio..


Goose, who had just learned about “bad words” said:

Oooooo! They said a bad word!!!

…no, they didn’t..

Uh-HUH!….I don’t think so..which word?

Nooooooo! It’s a bad word and I can’t say it!

Just this one time, you can, so you can tell me…

Noooooo! It’s a BAD word Mommy!

…I’ll let you say it, this time, cause I didn’t hear it  in the song..

“ok….they paved paradise and put up a FUCKING lot…”

Laughed and laughed…cause admit it, that was cute!


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