2 days behind..on Being thankful…

I didn’t get to take my computer with me out of town this past weekend, so I am a few days behind..(as usual…)


Day 12 of being thankful…

on Day 12 I was thankful for all of Dhelia’s family who came to her baby shower, and very very thankful for my wonderful friend, Jody Veach Hann . Without her, none of it would have been possible.

On Day 13 of being thankful..

I am thankful that we (mom, and Dhelia and I ) made it home safely from the weekend trip to Atlanta.  It was a very long drive.

On a side note, I am thankful to my friends who let me stay at their houses when my original plans didn’t work out! Was very comforting to know that I wouldn’t have to sleep in my car! ( lol – I know better – I do still have family in Atlanta! They just probably wouldn’t like me knocking on their door at midnight..)


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