It’s been 20 years..

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Only three days left until that event that we look forward to (?) for 20 years after we leave that great institution known as High School (institution is right) ..

The movies (ie: Romy_and_Michele’s_High_School_Reunion) say we should look forward to this so that everyone can see which of the jocks is a  washed up alcoholic with a comb over, if the prom queen is 300 lbs and married with 5 kids. Which of the nerds is a hot millionaire – and we can show everyone else how much better we are than we were in high school (and they are now)…

Yeah well…these days we have Facebook and we all know better. I saw a news report that said attendance is down for class reunions by 10% – 20%  and the reason for this is Facebook. I believe this.

I am not sure that this has ever been the real reason for reunions, has it? This being my first (and well, only) reunion, how could I know?  I suppose some research is called for there.

Ok, I admit. There is a  very small amount of vanity in me that can’t wait to see all of those things above (which I haven’t seen among my friends on Facebook) but really, I am mainly excited to see so many (I hope many – if only you guys knew the High School Never Ends part of my 20 year reunion) of the friends I have that are not on Facebook  who I hope are coming!  – A side note here – can you believe there are people out there  who are not on Facebook?? What do they do in their free time? What do they do with their computers if they don’t Facebook or read my blog?

I’ll let you guys know how it goes.. in the meantime, you can use your computer to check out the highlight of Romy and Michelle’s Reunion..


October 29, 2011

Let’s just say..I wish i went to school with Romy and Michelle – their reunion was great. Mine sucked. BIG TIME.


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