Sunday the 3rd, we took our Goose to summer camp for his very first time.

YMCA Camp India Springs, near Tallahassee. I was nervous. He’d only been away from home once in his pre-teen years – about 2 years ago, to his grandparents in GA..he called 2 days later and I had to go and get him, he was so homesick.

We stopped to eat a few miles away and I asked him if he was sure he wanted to go…

“Well, there’s no turning back now!”

As we arrived at the camp, it was already 92 degrees in the shade. the camp is in the woods, but still HOT.

We get him to the cabin – of course, it doesn’t have a/c – but he settled right in.

To me, this is a major life event for my baby boy. Aside from that time with his grandparents, and a week with his best friends family during our move, this was his first time being truly “alone”. This is the child who still holds a grudge – three years later – because we moved him from Washington and all of his friends to Florida where he knew no one. This child picked a camp where he knows NO ONE who will be there. He is all on his own, to make new friends and new experiences.  I am so proud. And scared.

When we got to the cabin, he picked a top bunk and climbed on up. He made his bed and said, see you next week. Um..ok. He introduced himself to the other boy who arrived at the same time we did, Chase, and well…that was all for us. We headed out, leaving my baby to his first time at Summer Camp..hopefully, he will adjust and want to go back next year.


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