My Goose

I talk quite a bit about PFC Dork. This time, I want to tell you about my Goose.

Not the pretty, feathery bird that we steal the feathers from for super soft comforters. My youngest son. I call him Goose. He shares a name with my husband and his grandfather – he is the Reese IV. I have tried  to get everyone to call him Goose but so far, it’s not working very well. He has kinda gotten stuck with Little Reese – can you imagine being over  6 ft. tall  and 180 lbs. and being called “Little Reese”?

I picked Goose because Top Gun is one of my favorite movies and my favorite character is Goose. Little Reese really liked the movie, so…

Goose is all personality. You know when he hits the room.

He is also very quiet, and sensitive – and opinionated!

Don’t ever get him started on politics – he could quite possibly have a heart attack by the time he is 16 if the government continues the way it is.

He is very smart, a wiz at science (just as PFC Dork is – hmm..maybe they get some of that from me? hahahaha yeah right). He amazes me sometimes, the things he knows.

His friend Coale’s mom has mentioned to me that when she talks to him, sometimes she forgets that he is a kid. I remember people saying the same thing about me as a child.

He was playing video games at 3. Taking apart the dvd player at 4. He skipped right over most fisher-  price and headed on to the big kid “toys”. I guess part of that is because his brother is so much older than he is.

He has always had his own sense of style – until recently – didn’t really care if his clothes matched – and I didn’t either. He was happy and that is all that matters. He likes his hair long and that is just fine too. I am sure I will have bigger battles to fight.

He has yet to find his “groove”. He tried tang su do, and it wasn’t for him.  Video games and the computer. But then again, he is turning into a teenager!

Yep – my baby is hitting the teen years. I know he is only 11, but still the teen “things”  are starting. Just last night – he was up at 2 a.m. playing video games- was supposed to be in bed at 10.  He sleeps till 10 or 11 on days he doesn’t have school. His hair has to be just right and his clothes perfect. Typical teen things…

I miss my baby, but am looking forward to getting to know the young man he will be.

He made it to the 7th grade yesterday.


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