I know, me? Speechless?

I had planned to tell everyone about the AWESOME Kenny Chesney concert (which Goose fell asleep during and the man actually asked if I wanted to leave early to get him to bed – WHAT??? I have been waiting over a year for this show and you want to leave early?? HA! What-ever!)

I planned on telling you about the road trip for our last trip to MCES  at Camp Lejeune, NC to pick up PFC Dork – who just graduated with a 94!

But…when we got home, this happened…

PFC Dork had a date to go to the prom with a girl from his high school. Instead of a tux, he wore his dress blues (duh! I would have too, cause he looks damn good in them – what Marine doesn’t?). After he was dressed to go, we decided to go out to dinner before he left (We had just been in the car for two straight days – I certainly did not want to cook!).

So, we headed out to the mexican restaurant we frequent near our home, Dork all decked out in his blues.

Remember earlier, the parting of the sea?   (from-chaos-to-calm) Everyone stops to look at a Marine in uniform? Similar experience.

As he was running late, Dork left before the rest of us.

After we had finished eating, we asked for our check and this is when we were all left speechless.

We didn’t have a check.


He pointed to the table a few feet away and the couple who was there had asked our waiter for our check.

“They wanted to buy your dinner…”

We all three looked at each other and were, well, speechless. None of us knew what to say – and you all know me (and Goose) – I have something to say about everything.

As we got up to leave, we went to the table to thank them… teary eyed (yes, I did tear up …but I didn’t cry. I don’t cry.) I hugged this stranger who had bought my family dinner as a small token of thanks to my son. My Marine. My son, who has just begun his journey, but I think it is in thanks to all who have signed to defend and protect us.

Just when I think that nothing could surprise me any more…

All we hear is the negatives these days, it is so nice to be reminded every so often of the good in people.

A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their life. That is honor.   

One response to “Speechless…

  1. And thanks to all that has written the check! My family and I are forever grateful, Ryan was in the military,and so was my dad. Although they were in the Navy, they to have done so much to keep us free.
    Thank You JUSTIN, and to everyone else(mom, dads, siblings) who has raised these men and women to be the best and to be so unselfish.

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