The Witching Hour…

It’s midnight. The witching hour. Which could be fun – if I were a witch. Instead, this is more how it goes.

(All in my head of course..everyone else is lucky enough to be asleep)

Damn. Again? Just one full night of sleep would be nice.

I walk  to the bathroom and into – SMACK! – the door – Who closed the door? Oh, me..

Thinking – hmm, how much caffeine did I have today? None.

But did I eat dinner? Cause I am kinda hungry. Can’t eat in the middle of the night though, that will make me fat(ter)..but I will never get back to sleep hungry..

I could stay up and find something. Yeah.

Where are my glasses? Tripping over the shoes I took off earlier – CRAP! I should really put away those shoes when I take them off..

I suppose I could blog- OUCH! Running into the dresser while searching for the bedroom door.

What am I gonna blog about? Nothing really going on these days..I don’t sleep, Dixie has a hurt paw – hey –

Where is Dixie any way? OMG! Did someone leave her outside in the rain???  Phew! There she is under the table in the other room. Strange..thats not where she usually lays..

What to eat..what to eat.. well, a martini is a must. Surely that will help me sleep. Chips? Too loud..pop tart? FAT.  Dang it – someone cleaned out the fridge – wait – whats that? JELLO! 

So, here I am..boring you all, while eating jello and drinking a martini – shaken not stirred (the martini not the jello) at midnight (actually almost 1 a.m. now)

Think I will watch the dvr’ed episodes of Law and Order:SVU, catch up on my facebook – surely my friends lives are more exciting than mine, and finish my martini. Maybe by then the Sandman will find me.

In case you ever wonder why I called this blog the random thoughts of a chaotic mind…does this explain it a little?


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