What’s that, girl? Timmy’s in a well?

Our Dixie is a collie, but not a Lassie type. She is a border collie. Yet whenever she barks, we ask her what she is trying to tell us, because, just in case you don’t know, the border collie is the number one smartest breed( http://www.petmedsonline.org/top-10-smartest-dogs-in-the-world.html ). So obviously, she understands what we ask and one day, she will answer – in English. I am sure of it. As long as she doesn’t spill my secrets.

Ok, ok…so my border collie isn’t among those smartest. You know how they say that some dogs look like their owners? Well, my Dixie has picked up on my “blonde” – though she is still a red.

Let me give you an example. The reason I am awake at 12:45 in the a.m. (spell correcting this as I write) is because my Dixie Dog (her name on her registration papers with the AKC is Princess Dixie Dog – not that that matters – she can’t read – yet) was barking.

and barking.

The man of the house told her to be quiet.

She was.

A while later she was barking. and barking.

The man of the house told her to be quiet.

She wasn’t.

I told her to be quiet (she is, after all, my dog).

She wasn’t.

So, imagining all the things that could be going on outside that she could be barking at, I decided to get up and check. (Thinking all along how I wish that Goose still played baseball and there was a bat handy)

As Princess Dixie is at the patio door barking her brains out and about to tear down the blinds – I open the door (ugh. already cracked from moms latest smoke trip – thanks alot mother)

I turn on the light to show our vicious attack dog that there is nothing there and my airheaded border collie – the smartest breed in the world – bolts off to chase … not a thief…

but ..


The airhead part comes in here:

the red arrow – the armadillo’s path…

the black? Dixie Dog…

Thank goodness we took my Princess Dixie dog in as a family pet, because a herder, she is not.

See? She is destined to speak english because it is the only thing left for the smartest breed – though she can tell the difference in the white and yellow balls..and she will pick up her toys – which is better than I have EVER been able to get the kids to do.


One response to “What’s that, girl? Timmy’s in a well?

  1. You are so right your dog is very blonde. But your not the only one who ask the dog what do they want, why are they barking. I do it all the time, and in her own way she tells me.

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