Lap Dance Anyone..?

Recently at my much hated – er –  loved place of employment, the kids and I – I say kids – the oldest of the shift I manage is 23 and the youngest is 19 – were talking about going out. They were trying to talk me into going out with them.

(I had already said no on several occasions)

As we continued this discussion, some customers walked by and eavesdropped on the conversation.

“Everyone is going!”

Not me..

“Why not?”

“Cause I am old enough to be ya’lls …”

They ALL stare – it was as if you could hear a pin drop –

–” older sister..!”

OMG! Did I almost say mother!!!

The local dance studio offers pole and lap dance classes as one of their exercise classes. I am thinking of trying it out.

Think I’ll feel younger this way?

I really should not feel old..I am only 28! (For the tenth time I know..I know…)


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