The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow… ??

Yeah, right!

I live in the SUNSHINE STATE! Really.  Look –

SO where the hell is the SUN??????

We are at 4 inches of rain above normal, and the summer is expected to be rainier and cooler than normal! OMG! I left Washington State to get away from this! I want my 100 degrees back!!!

I was thinking maybe we should try Houston next – until a friend posted on facecrack the other day that his flight was delayed there because they were expecting SNOW!!! In HOUSTON???

Ok, Mr. Gore…where is this global warming you speak of? I think you are an idiot. But I am grateful you invented the internet.( jk. You guys know that right? I know that it wasn’t Al Gore who invented the internet..the government conspired with aliens and  invented it to keep track of all of us and what we read and do and make us zombies addicted to Facebook and blogs like Scary Mommy and Wait in the Van…so that we wouldn’t notice when the aliens come to take over the planet )


One response to “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow… ??

  1. You say you want 100 degrees but i doubt you really do. Wait until it is hot hot summer and i bet you change your mind.

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